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Who We Are

Bus[1]Truck & Bus Compliance Auditing & Services is a consulting and services firm offering safety and regulatory services to the highway transportation industry.

Our Goal –Is to help our clients achieve compliance with DOT regulations, reduce the company’s regulatory burden, and trim the carriers operating costs, without compromising quality, at a cost effective price.

What our services can do for you – We can help your company improve your accident ratio, limit your liability exposure, reduce insurance premiums, gain regulatory compliance, avoid costly fines, reduce equipment downtime, and lessen your company’s compliance burden, freeing up valuable time for you and your employee(s).

About Lew Snearly

LewAndLucas1I was a Federal Agent for the US DOT for 10 years conducting hundreds of Compliance Reviews, including those on hazardous materials carriers, shippers, and passengers.  I also conducted accident investigations, was involved in training new employees, and have spoken and provided instruction regularly on safety and regulatory issues to various transportation industry groups ranging from racing clubs, construction companies, and the motor carrier industry.

Prior to this I spent four years for the NY State DOT as a roadside inspector.

Prior to the above I had an additional 16 years in the equipment maintenance and construction fields.  Included in this was five years in the US Navy Seabee’s as a Shop Supervisor and as a Transportation Specialist where I supervised and coordinated the training of 120 men, and was responsible for administration of safety programs.

I explain all this to you so that you know that throughout my entire career I have been involved in the motor carrier industry.  Not only do I understand how the US DOT works, but I also understand how your business works.

Today the US DOT safety regulations are overwhelmingly complex.  It takes an expert to help you navigate through these regulations safely.  If you have questions, I am the person to help you.  If I do not have the answers, I have the contacts where I can obtain the correct information for you.  Staying in compliance eats up your time, where it could be better spent managing your employees, your customers, and your business.  Let me be your partner in safety and help you make a profit.