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Materials Of Trade (MOTS)

image6391MOT’s are hazardous materials!!!  The regulations state “any amount of any hazardous material” is regulated.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that hazardous material(s) transported in small quantities are exempted from all of the regulations.  MOT’s are exempted from some of the regulations, however they are not exempted from the insurance regulations, and there are other requirements that must be met.  If you do not meet all of the MOT requirements you then lose the MOT exemption.  If you lose the exemption then you have to comply with all of the HM regulations; including shipping papers, marking, labeling, and HM training requirements (only to mention a few).

Some examples of MOT’s are, but not limited to, the following: paint, paint thinner, gasoline, windshield washer fluid, batteries, cleaning compounds, glues, solvents, oven cleaners, drain cleaners, propane, oxygen, acetylene, charcoal, bleach, pesticides, hair spray, WD-40, Other Regulated Materials (ORMD’s), etc…..

If you transport MOT’s call me and I can help you come up with a plan to comply with the regulations.  I will teach your employee’s about the MOT regulation, as the regulations state they can not use the exemption unless they are familiar with the regulation.  Also, not everyone is entitled to utilize the exemption.