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Initial Consult (usually between 3-6 hours) -During this process I sit with key employee(s) and discuss compliance issues to determine what regulations apply to your operation.  During this time I educate your employees on these regulations.  We can then determine what areas of compliance that the company may be deficient in (This service is sometimes combined with a mock audit).

Mock Audit (usually between 4-15 hours) -During this process I examine the company records just as a Federal Agent would.  Areas covered are accident files/register, insurance requirements, drug and alcohol testing, Driver Qualification files, time records/logbooks, maintenance, and hazardous materials requirements.  After compliance is gained a Mock Audit is recommended every 18-24 months or whenever you have a key personnel change to ensure on-going compliance.

Rating Upgrade –Have you lost your Satisfactory Safety Rating?  A less than Satisfactory Safety Rating will raise your insurance rates; can cause you to lose customers, and cause more frequent roadside inspections to occur.  I can help you get your Satisfactory Rating back.  Call me so we can determine the best plan for getting your safety rating back.

Compliance Letters –After you have had an audit by the FMCSA that results in any violations being discovered, the FMCSA requires your company to submit a letter of corrective actions.  If you have obtained an Unsatisfactory Safety Rating the FMCSA can not allow you to continue operations after the 45 or 60 day period without a legally sufficient letter.  This means you will be placed Out of Service until your obligations have been met.

Fine Arbitration -Do not pay the fine, or agree to pay the fine, until you have talked to me.  If the FMCSA auditor has made a mistake on the audit we can get that portion of the fine thrown out.  We can also negotiate the amount of the fine, or determine if fine arbitration is right for you.

Drug and Alcohol Services -Drug and alcohol testing violations are among the most costly.  Each missed test is in the thousands of dollars. We can help company officials prepare a company policy on drug and alcohol testing that is specific to your company’s goals.  We will also manage your random drug and alcohol selections at a fee that is more than competitive.  All this; without you having to worry about compliance.

Driver Qualification File Services -At $4.50 per driver/month, I offer a rate that is unheard of to maintain your driver qualification files.  You are guaranteed to be compliant with the DOT regulations, and can free up you and your employees time and never have to worry again if the driver is qualified.  There are no additional fees for running the yearly driver abstract.

Criminal Background Searches -Do you want to know the person that will be operating your $100,000+ vehicle and its cargo?  What about the person’s character?  Do you want someone that has been previously caught stealing working for you?  Do you want someone who will come to work on time, complete paperwork as required, and be committed to your company?  Or do you want someone that will be a constant thorn in your side until he/she leaves a few months later?  What if your new employee has a drug or alcohol conviction that is not on his/her driving abstract?  What would your liability be in these circumstances?  By spending a little money up front you can find the right employee.  The right employee makes you money.  The wrong employee costs you money.

Carrier Profile Request  -($35.00).  This is detailed information that the FMCSA has compiled against your company.

Driver Abstracts -$20.00 for each request.  $15.00 for companies that have used my consulting services.

19A Services –If you are a NY State passenger carrier you know what 19A is!  I have a 19A qualified person to meet all of your 19A needs.

Employee Training -training in all aspects of USDOT/FMCSA compliance.

I can train your employees on how to look for hours of service violations and logbook falsification (probably the two most cited and fined violations by the FMCSA).

Hazardous materials training.

Driver qualification, accident procedures, maintenance, and drug and alcohol requirements.

I offer driver seminars on load securement, hazardous materials, Materials of Trade 5 6 (MOT’S please click here to learn more), logbooks/hours of service, and pre-trip/post-trip inspections.

Maintenance –I was a mechanic for almost 15 years of my life including five years in the U.S. Navy as a Construction Mechanic in the Seabee’s.   I can help you implement a maintenance program or refine the program you have.  The most important aspect of maintenance is to inspect all equipment at a pre-determined interval and to document all repairs.  If you have a high vehicle Out of Service rate you need to call me.

Hazardous Materials –Nothing can compare to the fines that hazardous material violations can bring. (Please read HM fines under 5 7 what could happen.)  This includes Materials of Trade ( 5 6 MOT’s) violations.  I can help you determine the correct package, marking, labeling, and shipping paper compliance that is needed.

Hazardous Materials Training -I have one of the most knowledgeable employees on the subject at my disposal.  He has trained NY State Roadside Inspectors, NY State Police and other agencies for over 15 years.  He has an additional 10 years of outside consulting and training since he retired.   He makes hazardous materials training interesting (which is almost impossible).  We can help with initial, re-occurring, and function specific training requirements.  Too many people forget about the function specific training requirements.  The regulations state that all HM employees must be trained and tested.  Please call me to set up a training appointment.

Materials of Trade ( 5 6 MOT’s) –All employees that utilize the MOT exemption are required to be knowledgeable of the regulation; otherwise the company is not able to utilize the exemption.  Usually about two hours in length, we offer the training for all of your employees who may transport any quantity of any hazardous material in small quantities.

Hazard Communication -(All employees have the “Right-to-Know”) Employers are obligated to train all HM employees.  That includes anyone who has anything to do with even the billing of HM loads.  Are you training all HM employees?

Hazardous Materials Safety Plans –Many hazmat facilities are required to develop a site security plan and train those responsible for implementation of the plan, as well as provide general security awareness training for all facility hazmat employees.  I can determine if your current Safety Plan meets the FMCSA requirements.  I can also assist you in coming up with a Security Plan.  I say assist, as each company needs to be involved in this process.  I will write the Security Plan, but only with input from you and/or your employees.

Hazardous Material Shipper Services –We have onboard one of the most highly qualified hazardous materials experts.  We can help shippers gain full compliance with all of the HM regulations.  Don’t forget, we can help you develop function specific training.

Hours of Service training –this training is recommended for employees that have anything to do with logbooks; including, but not limited to, driver’s dispatchers, supervisors, and compliance personnel.

Company Policy Development –I have developed three policies that can be tailored to your specific needs: drug and alcohol testing policy, driver hours of service disciplinary policy, and an overall company policy.

Obtaining DOT or Operating Authority –We can help you obtain DOT or Operating Authority.  It is a $75.00 fee to obtain a US or NY State DOT number.  The fee is $200.00 to get your operating authority, plus the DOT’s fee of $300.00, and the process server’s fee.

Expert Witness –I am available to testify in court as an expert witness.  I am also available to show up for tickets that you receive that are not criminal in nature.  By utilizing my knowledge of the regulations it may be possible to have the fines reduced or possibly thrown out.

Speaker -I am available to speak at driver meeting and association functions on all areas of DOT compliance.

Challenges to SafeStat Data –In the event that SafeStat information is not correct I can assist in getting the incorrect data off of your profile.

Regulatory Guidance Assistance –I am always available to assist motor carriers in getting the correct answers to their regulatory questions.  If I do not know the answers, I have many contacts within the industry to get the right answers for you.  If needed, I can write a letter to the correct agency to obtain a written interpretation for you.