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Going To Get A FMCSA Audit?

You know you are about to get a FMCSA audit.  There is no time to lose!  Call me now!  Experience pays.  I can help you prepare for a DOT audit, and by utilizing a few “tricks of the trade”, I can ensure the best possible outcome, and the best possibility of no fines being issued.

If you have gotten a less than Satisfactory Safety Rating or you have been levied a fine.  Again call me! Do not pay the fine, or agree to pay the fine, until you have talked to me!  If the FMCSA auditor has made a mistake on the audit we can get that portion of the fine thrown out.  We can also negotiate the amount of the fine, or determine if fine arbitration is right for you.  If the rating is less than Satisfactory we can petition the FMCSA to upgrade the rating based on corrective actions.

The best way to pass a DOT audit is to never get audited.  You say everybody knows that.  Well, I can teach you how to make this a reality.  Again, there are no guarantees, but for the most part FMCSA utilizes SafeStat to determine who will be audited.  We can analyze patterns and keep you from getting on the FMCSA watch list.

SafeStat –The FMCSA rates every company utilizing four Safety Evaluation Areas (SEA’s).  This information governs which companies will be the subject of a DOT audit or Roadside Inspection.  The four areas are Accidents, Driver (roadside inspections and moving violations in your vehicles), Vehicle (roadside inspections), and Safety Management (FMCSA audits & fines).  Each of the four values also derives input from FMCSA Compliance Reviews that are conducted.  SafeStat indicates that a carrier must be deficient in at least two different Safety Evaluation Areas (SEA’s) before a SafeStat score is applied.  Our goal is to keep these SEA’s from being deficient.  With the right programs in place these values can be managed.  Compliance does not cost the company money; it pays.  Just remember all insurance companies utilize the SafeStat data to quote you insurance rates.  By managing your SafeStat score, you manage your insurance rates.